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2008/09/14 Holy Jim

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Decided to do a last minute run to Holy Jim after I got off of work in the late afternoon with my friend and his Vehicross.

Trail Run:
Look under Trail Info section for the conditions and location. This time of year it is very dusty and dry.

Trail Summary:
We have been to this trail many times before as it is close by, relatively short, and full of fun obstacles. This time we decided to wander off into the maze of side paths that are available. We started by taking the hidden trail to the right of the entrance... you go over a small dirt mound into a steep drop that left my stock FJ Trail Teams sitting on it's nose with the skidplate beinig the only thing keeping me from needing a new bumper. Needless to say my stock bling plate got a new scracth across the very top. We then followed the trail to another obstacle that causes the FJ to fully articulate and teeter toter on two wheels before dropping into the next section... I have pictures of this. After that it is a really narrow trail... deep ruts... lots of branches causing trail rash (which cleans up really easily on the TT). There was one section that ends up into a nice little climb... but we where too chicken to do it.

After crossing the road we ended up on another very narrow rocky path that felt like was going to lead to a dead end as it became narrower, windier, and rockier... but we where able to get out of that just fine.

We then just continued down the road doing the rest of the usual obstacles at Holy Jim. We where going to go out the same way we came in, but it was late & our significant others where waiting for us to pick them up for dinner.

Test Results:
Both the Vehicross and TT FJ where stock.


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Re: Holy Jim 9/14/08

Nice report Panda,

I`ve been there a few times and never had as good of time as you two seemed to have. Everytime I go there the sheriff or someone else is always telling us to get back up on the main road. I swear i`m going to get to the rest of those side trails one of these times. Nice pictures also. Steve
Re: Holy Jim 9/14/08

Very nice!
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