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2008/09/13 Cleghorn

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We were there until about 1:30 pm. there was only 2 of us but we were really slow. Had a few spots where my freinds FJ (stock everything) didn`t want to go so we ended up turning him around and getting him back to the fire road and then since my FJ was already up a challenge I would finish it and go back and get him. we had a blast. I forgot to mention my freind is paralized from the waist down and drives with hand controls. Boy could he handle that rig. He drove with one hand on the throttle and one on the steering wheel. Thats hard to do on some of those challenges. So the next time we go out he taking me to Azusa I have never been there and thats his favorite hangout so there we will be in a month or so.
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Re: Cleghorn 9-13-08

Right on bro. pics!

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