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2008/07/20 FJ-Piper & Guest - Holy Jim

I was invited to join a friends friend to break in his new FJ (1000 mile anniversary) today and we went to Holy Jim. I explained everything I knew to him about 4WD's, Wheeling Etiquette, Holy Jim, etc... and we hit the trail. It was understood that I would remain on the road at all times but at anytime he wanted to do a side road/obstacle, he was to just stop and I'd wait/help as needed. It was a great time but very dry and dusty. As he got comfortable with his rig in off pavement conditions, he decided to do a few of the side roads and by the look on his face, he was diggin' it! We went to the end, turned around and on the way out, covered some more of the FJ's capabilities and functions (Rear Diff Lock, A-Track, VSC, 4 Hi / 4Lo, etc...) almost on our way out, he decided to go at one more side road so I jumped out to spot, fall and photo his first "blind climb" with wheels off the ground. Everything went beautiful, except for my fall, and he was soon back on the main road with a new respect for this very capable vehicle.

Hopefully he'll be signing on here soon and when he does...

Steven, welcome to the family and lets go do 'er proper next time at Cleghorn or Big Bear!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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