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2008/07/11-13 Oceano Dunes.... Who's In?

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Hello everyone, I don't mean to be jacking poker's idea, but I mentioned at the M&G, that I was going to Oceano Dunes in July and was told by some of our fellow members to post it up now so that there is time to reserve campsites before they run out! It is getting to be that time of the year again. Riding season in SoCal is coming to an end to be replaced by summer time heat and that means July is Oceano Dunes time! Some friends and I will be doing our 2nd Annual Oceano Dunes Run starting on Friday July 11th and staying until Sunday July 13th. I am reserving campsites for anyone willing to pay me in advance otherwise you may reserve the sites your self at: Reserve America-Oceano Dunes. The current cost is $27.50 per site for the whole weekend. Reserving 1 site entitles you up to 8 people but only 1 vehicle that you drive there and how ever many (quads, bikes, rails, etc) that you tow in with you. Last year we brought more vehicles than allowed and weren't bothered, but the rangers may be enforcing this rule this year so if you come with us but do not reserve a site it is at your own risk and/or stupidity, lol. They do not allow you to park in the parking lot outside of the park, they WILL tow your "G-Ride" away. Also this is a BYOB (bring your own booze), BYOF (bring your own food), and BYOP2S (bring your own place to sleep) unless arranged with someone else. If you wanna go but do not want to drive, then talk to someone who is, and make the necessary arrangements. I hope that some of you can go, we had a blast last time! Just let me know if you have any questions. Tom ;D
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Re: Oceano Dunes In July.... Who's In?

GTKrockeTT said:
I'm going to be up in Yellowstone/South Lake Tahoe during those days...same reason why I'll be missing Summit this year.
Funny.. I'll be in Tahoe the following weekend. If you are still up there when I'm there we should meet up and hit some trails.

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