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Well a group of about 8 of us met up at Gold Mountan Trail about 10:30 am. I was supposed to meet them at Discovery Center but I was running late. My wife and I got there so early that we decided to run that gold fever trail with all the little side things to go see. I was a little cheesy but fun. I think it was designed to keep you busy instead of exploring the history part of it in detail. I had never been up Gold Mountain trail before and it was way rougher on my rig than I expected. Its the first ( rock ) trail i`ve done. I`m lifted and I only have the stock front skid and the OEM rock rails. I drove up every obstical without any problems but bottomed out several times very hard. Later inspection showed I hit the rear diff hard a couple different times, the lower control arms couple times and hit the frame on the passenger side. On the plus side I never hit the rock rails once ;) so they are good for next time. I was the only FJ there which was kind of weird since its almost always all FJs when we do these group outings. This time it was all jeeps and a unimog ( which is the biggest truck I have ever seen offroading 46 inch tires ) it probly stood 9 feet tall or more. We had one break down but i`ll leave that story to him. I don`t have any pictures because every obstical we got to my wife would get out to take pictures and then would just watch and forget to take the picture. I`m sure others have pictures that will be posted. I liked the trail but I won`t do it again until I get alittle armor installed. Thanks Dave for the invite it was cool.
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