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2008/05/17 Cleghorn (4x2 friendly)

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We'll be meeting in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot in Rancho Cucamonga at 6AM. Its not going to be hardcore or anything real difficult. I plan on staying on the main fire road, but anyone coming along is welcome to take the bypasses. It's a 6AM run because afterwards, it's still only about 9 or 10AM, leaving you with the rest of the day.

Again, as most of you all know, Cleghorn is a great trail for stock vehicles, including stock 4x2's.
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Re: Cleghorn (4x2 friendly) - Sat May 17 6AM

If your planning on running just the fire road you will be done with it in about 30 minutes. I have run almost all of the side challenges and it still only took about 2 hours. There are some side challenges that a 4 x 2 could run. I heard that the winter has roughened up the trail though. We are meeting a group of 10 to 15 rigs heading out there on 5-31-08 so it should be a blast.
Re: Cleghorn (4x2 friendly) - Sat May 17 6AM

the time it take varies with everytime i've taken it. the trail is about 14 miles if i remember correctly. the last time i ran it was in march, right after the rainstorms, and the fire road was still in decent shape for a 4x2. :-\ we had a few issues on 2N17X, but that's expected.

the 5-31 run sounds like a blast. ;D
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