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Just came back on a run with local members of a Suzuki Samurai club. A good friend of mine has one, and he called me up late last night and invited me on this last minute run. The run was supposed to take us from 3n14 (Coxey) to 3n17 (White Mountain), but they gated up the trail that would allow us to do so. Easy run with some hairy/adventurous moments.

The snowfall really transformed the landscape, and gave a normally easy trail some character

The Zuki's

There were tons of water crossings, and plenty of mud

Getting sideways...good thing it was against the mountain

Does this look like a trail?

These Samurai's say "YES." The guys didn't even air down.

I've always wanted to build a Suzuki Samurai as my "Rockcrawler." Going on this trip just reinforces that further.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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