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1sdposer the beginning

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OK, she started like this;

my very first mod was to relocate the emblem

then I'll list according to order of installation
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went to All Pro in Hemet to pick up the goods; front & rear bumpers, rock rails, rear coils, rear tucked-up tail pipe, Walker Evans air adjustable front coil over shocks...sent out bumpers & rails for powder coating, then installed...after the lift from the shocks & springs, on went the KMC 20x8 Hot Wheels with BFG's All Terrains and a little body mounts cutting on the front...GOBI Stealth low pro rack with Delta lights front & rear...under the hood went TRD CAI first, MagnaFlow Muffler, then when it was released-TRD SUPERCHARGER...that's it for now...

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Dude....your rig's "before" pics look exactly like my "before" pics! NICE RIG!!
Looking good! What size tires are you runnin?
Sweet lookin rig!! I like the emblem relocation, thats nice

very nice ;D
Thanks all, she's my girl, and I've taken pride in get'n her all perty but still functional...I like the hard core off hwy 4 wheel'n look, but I figured I could mix her up a bit with a little bling on the 20's.

FJ Piper they're 20x8 KMC rims and 285/55x20 BFG All Terrains...this would be the bling factor...they measure out at 33" and serious wheelers go with less rim and more rubber (which I agree)...but then again...that's why I'm 1poser...the cool thing is the fun factor when going off road!

IMachU I replied on your thread to keep watering yours and eventually she'll grow, that's what I did, only thing is the type of H2O I used was in the color of http://GREEN...and lots of it! But that's why I work hard, so I could play harder.

Oh, I ment to post these pics of the SC;

this is where I had the SC installed, great tech working there and he was into the install as well as the owner of the dealership (being the first FJ to get the SC)


and after

I didn't really notice the time when I dropped it off and when the tech let me come back in the shop to take the pics before we took it for a drive...they only charged me for 10 hrs labor when it took him 13...he wanted to make sure he did it right, and he did!
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Sweet...I want one!!!!
Sweet~very good looking. How many horse can it gain?
moub838 said:
Sweet~very good looking. How many horse can it gain?

Tom at TLC said that he could tweek it up to 320hp :eek:...what she's at now I don't really know ???...what I do know is she's ffffffast and pulls nice when I need to pass ;D! Don't really need any more than what she's putting out now.
Very nice! 8)

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