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1973 Jeep CJ 5

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I am in the process of buying a CJ 5 from a buddy. He has owned it for 20 plus years....It has a V8 350 and a T-18 trans....I should have it by end of next week if all goes well...My plans are to make it a trail beast....This way I do not need to trade in my 2wd for a 4wd. Saves me some green but it needs work.
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I can't wait to see it as well...I committed sight unseen....
Sight unseen huh? Hmmmmmmm

Brave man. No more time for FJ light wiring I guess. :D
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Tim...looks like you got some work cut out for you but that will be half the fun...I used to have a CJ5 and I loved it!! They're so much fun just to drive...I never really offroaded a jeep besides my stock 98 yj and it was a blast. I'm sure I'll be there for some of the mods and rebuilding!!!!! Can't wait!!!
Nothing I'm not afraid of....Considering I been building cars for 20 years.
Sweet! We gotta do a cleghorn break in run.
It's going to be a while for that Dom. The Jeep has been sitting idle for at least 18 months. I need to drop the gas tank, get rid of the laquered gas, change all the fuel lines, brake lines, fluids, brakes, plugs wires, U joints etc....I want to make sure that there is NO issues before I put my fanny in the seat.
O man that is soooooo nice Tim! CJs are sum bad azz sh*t!
I got it....I found out through records that the PO gave me, it has 9,000 miles on the rebuilt engine, transmission, rear axle...New master cylinder, brakes, battery, u joints and steering shock. The transfer case has recently been serviced has a new steering box and carb.....Oh and it has been strapped where the typical frame cracks occur.

It is running 33x12.5.15's right now on 1.5" lifted shackles with stock 1.75" springs. My initial assessment is that the stock springs are flat and will need to be replaced. I will add a 3" lift set with new greasable STOCK shackles.

The motor is a Chevrolet 350 CID. The trans is the optional T18 4 speed with a Dana 20 Transfer case pushing a Dana 44 in the rear and a Dana 30 in the front. As soon as I get it cleaned where I can get the numbers off the components I will have a better idea exactly what it's got regarding splines on the axles.
If you by any chance would want to for some strange reason bump up to 17" wheels, i have some tire's that might be little more fresher than those :D
I just Checked the fluids, oil was clear, hooked up the battery, put 5 gal of gas in it and it RUNS!!!!

Drove it around but the 12.5" tires sre tooooo wide, rubbing lock to lock, so I'll change those to 10.5's and I found a spring hanger is cracked at the frame welds...Time to order parts!

Sorry Dom....I want to keep the 15's so I get more sidewall!!!!

Ordered the 3" lift spring Kit, Shocks, Shackles, front steering components, steering dampner and body mount bushings. I also ordered the Twin stick shifter for the transfer case. Since i"m gone on vacation next week, I'll get started on it the following week. Brakes and tires are next.
Wow, no grass growing under your feet Tim.

This is a pretty cool project
RicoVerde said:
Wow, no grass growing under your feet Tim.

This is a pretty cool project
I know....My wife hates it....But the real cool thing is I get it lifted and new steering components all for 750.00....Parts are a a little less expensive than the FJ....I figure I'll have about 1500.00 in it when its ready for the trails.
found yourself a neat project... can't wait to see the finished product...
Just got the Springs, shocks and shackles today. The steering components will be here next week. The Twin Stick for the T case got here yesterday. Ordered the Pro comp 15X8 black steelies and will be running 33x10.5x15 Tires of which will not be BFG's...I'm thinking Nitto Terra or Mud grapplers. Once I get the suspension/steering done and the cracked spring hanger welded and plated, I will move on to the brakes. I'm looking at a possible Electric Hydro conversion from my buddies at ABS Brake. After that I will replace the U joints and install the new energy suspension polyurathane body mounts with all new grade 8 bolts. That should get me to point of being safe and confident that the rig is both trail and road worthy. I'd say it should be good to go in a couple of months.
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