Yes, it is time for another run to Laughlin. This trip is going to be a bit different from past runs. Instead of starting in Yucca Valley, we will be starting in 29 palms.

I have never done this route before, but have always seen this trail as I am driving home from Laughlin. It could be a boring dirt road, or it could be awesome. I wont know until I try it.

The starting point is outside of 29 Palms on the way to Amboy, here:!3m1!1e3

This trial continues on through the desert all the way to where the 40 and the 95 meet, here:!3m1!1e3

From the 40/95 junction I was planning on jumping in the wash just north of the 40 and taking it all the way up to the Mojave trail, and finally finishing where the Mojave road begins/ends, about 4 miles from the Avi Casino.

This is just a day trip so pack a lunch and booze. Rooms at the Avi are $47 an night for the 6th.

Most likely we will meet at the Denny's in 29 Palms for breakfast around 7 or 8, gas up, and then leave. The meeting time has not been decided upon yet.