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    Sequoia national park

    Hey heading to sequoia national park in August.... I would like to take my off-roading trailer. Any one have any recommendations for camp grounds or any trails to hit while I’m there?

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    Re: Sequoia national park

    One that comes to mind is Buck Rock. It's a pretty cool trail with some shelfs but I'd say moderate difficulty. There is open clearing of rock mounds with some flat areas to camp. I was a bit ignorant to the rule on parking your vehicle along the trail and you could camp 200 ft from your vehicle. Although we didn't know that rule, we pulled into the site to load/unload and parked our rigs off trail out of the way. It wasn't an issue but later spoke to a ranger (came on unrelated call) and we just moved our rigs out of the way. They're understanding but don't do jeep things up there paving new trails into the valleys of the rock mounds and you should be okay to pull your rig off the trail for an evening (YMMV). You'll see all types of vehicles up there but not sure unless they have 4WD they can make it so they tend to camp lower along the trail. Actually remember seeing a Toyota Solara laying frame. Not sure it made it out okay but it got pretty far on the back end of the trail that doesn't need 4x4. From there, there's a look out you can park at the bottom and hike up for some 360 views. There's also a nice clean restroom there (that I assume is for the rangers and hikers there, so keep it clean!) That's all I remember off the top.

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