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Thread: Pinon Angle and 3 Inch Lift

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    Pinon Angle and 3 Inch Lift

    I installed a set of 3 inch lift Icon 52800 springs and a set of extended travel Icon 57810 shocks on the rear of my 2014 FJ. I installed a set of Icon 58747 extended travel shocks with the Icon tubular UCA on the front.

    My question is do I need to consider or worry about Pinon Angle? Do I need to install adjustable rear lower links, rear upper links or both?

    I kind of discovered this after installing my suspension. I'm completely new at this, though I have worked on my own cars all my life and can fake it with tools, but I know nothing about suspension stuff. I'm retired so I consider my FJ, my retirement Winnebago. Except I'm using it. LOL. This thing is a Beast!

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Pinon Angle and 3 Inch Lift

    I'm sure some keyboard jockeys will pop up and tell you that the need to extend the arms a whole 3/8" or so. I think I can go out on a limb and state their are possibly 1,000's of FJ's on the road with the identical set up and zero problems or issues.

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    Re: Pinon Angle and 3 Inch Lift

    Most likely answer is no. Can always find out by cycling the suspension and see if the driveshaft ujoint binds. Lower links are mostly replaced due to the stock ones bending when in the rock garden. I even welded angled steel on stock ones and ended up bending them...

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