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    2014 TOTH Vacation

    We are in the process of restructuring the TOTH. We are going to take a year off from hosting the event to find new trails and activities. After 7 years, the TOTH has been a great family event and we want to continue to draw people from across the country. We have had some issues with working with the Forest Service and BLM on this event and this year off will help us regroup with them. We will be forming a local TLCA club that will take over the event for the future. I want to thank all of those who have participated in past events and your continued support. We will keep you posted on our return in 2015!!

    Brandon Burling

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    Re: 2014 TOTH Vacation

    I went to this last year & saw the grief they got from the forest "service" so I'm not surprised at this a bit. They actually had the "law enforcement" FS goons come in with guns & interrogate them as to their intentions and trail names if you can believe that. It just re-enforced my conviction that FS does not want us on "their" land and should be abolished. Unbeleivable that this could happen in this once great country.
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