Hi guys, I've recently acquired a 2015 FJ cruiser auto in Australia with 75000km and done around 3000km since buying it and recently I've noticed a ticking noise, kinda like a diesel ticking/clacking/knocking noise. I can hear mine in the cabin when idling and can hear the knocking/clacking/heavy ticking noise especially beside the car on drivers and passenger side and near wheel well area even several metres away. Sometimes it's quieter, sometimes its louder and does it when idling without load. Even with load but cruising to slow down I can hear the knocking/tapping noise. Tapping noise is slow when on load like in drive and faster when idling without load in park or neutral. Also noticeable at slow speeds accelerating and decelerating around the 1000 to 1500rpm range. Does anyone elses FJ do this? Is it the infamous toyota tick so no need to worry or is it something more sinister?

Anyone able to help me out with an opinion/answer by comparing it to their FJ regarding the diesel like clacking/ticking/knocking noise?

I have tried the rubber o-ring isolation fix for the pwm vaccuum thingy but it's not that as I tried both rubber o-ring and even letting it dangle. I did have a good listen to what that pwm valve thingy sounds like but its different and sounds more like puffing sounds more than the diesel clacking sounds so it doesnt seem like that is the cause of the clacking/low db ticking sound.

I've visited a few dealers and listened to their Fj's of varying year models and km's ranging from 60,000km up to 112,000km and result of the sound comparisons vary. Every other sound aside from the problematic diesel like clatter is the same with all vehicles but the intensity and volume of the diesel like clatter varies a fair bit and annoyingly, mine seems to be the loudest. Mine you can hear from a couple meters away idling whereas the others its harder to hear but is there is you really know what sound you are listening out for. *sigh* Spoke to one of the dealer managers about one of their FJ's that I listened to that was much quieter than mine and he says the sound is normal and is from the injectors and says the 4.0 v6 is the strongest toyota engine you can get. Other than the noise, it drives just like the others, no difference. Also looked and listened to countless youtube vids of the 1gr-fe engine in various models of Toyota and the majority sound the same/similar. So short of taking it to various places to get looked at, should I just accept that its a noisy engine and just enjoy the thing? (Others on the internet forums and youtube vid replies generally say they have this sound(s) either since new ownership or from when they acquired it and others say initially nil diesel like clatter then suddenly from 50000km or so it started but hasnt caused other issues aside from the noise and many comment saying theirs has done this since xx,xxxmiles and now xxx,xxxmiles and still going strong with nil ill effects with general consensus is that it's just a noisy engine and not to worry).

I've uploaded a recording of mine to youtube and have a link but because I'm a new member I can't post a link yet. Anyone know how many posts I need before I can include a link to the video to make this complete?