has the new Micro-Start XP-10 Personal Power System in stock !!!

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We have all seen the the amazing original Micro-Start XP-1 unit work in the parking lot, at the camp, and on the trails !!! The small powerful power pack that can start your car, charge your phone, run your laptop...now has a big brother !!!

The new Micro-Start XP-10 can provide up to a 600 amp boost, capable of starting diesel trucks, as well as run larger devices, and power smaller devices for longer times !!!

The Micro-Start XP-10 comes complete with polarity protected jumper cables, along with a complete assortment of adapters to charge most popular devices, and a case to hold everything....

The Micro-Start XP-10 sells for $209.95, a great deal for the most powerful personal power supply jump-starter on the market...

But from now until Nov 30, 2014, order on our webstore with coupon code FBXP10, and get $20 off

Check it out here: MICRO-START XP-10