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Thread: Front end cracking sound

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    Front end cracking sound

    So I really only notice this when the under carriage is wet....and more so when it wet and cold. Turning' no issues or sounds, brakes, no problem, wheels me Bing up down over bumps/speed bumps, no problem. When I go from moving forward to reverse, I hear a crack sound. Taking off from a dead stop or coming to a stop form moving, I hear that crack sound. Ball joints/CV's look fine. Jack No the front end up and moving things around, I can't get it to happen. I'm almost wondering if it's control arm bushing, but I'm not finding play in them.
    Any ideas? Anyone ever have similar. Heading to Telluride tomorrow for 9 days, looks like no off roading (that causes it to crack as well.) keep in mind, when it's dry, it doesn't to it.


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    Re: Front end cracking sound

    get someone to drive it back and forth while your outside of it. When you find a spot you think it's coming from. Inspect/tighten/lube....and try again.
    That's how I found out my steering rack bushings were shot.
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    Re: Front end cracking sound

    Even though you can`t move it, a part may be loose enough for the force of your truck to make it move and make the (crack ) sound. Years ago we had a bad banging noise and although I couldn`t move anything by hand it turned out to be the passenger side front coilover was loose. Maybe go over everything with a set of wrenches. Hope this helps

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    Re: Front end cracking sound

    Noticing it more moving backwards and forwards makes me think it is lower A Arm bushings. They move around a little, cause things to be sloppy and loose but I would still off road it rather than drive all that way and do nothing. Most those trails are fire roads any way.

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    Re: Front end cracking sound

    I would start with your wheels. Check all the nuts. Upper control arm torque, if aftermarket ( that's where mine was). Rear suspension. Panhard bar ( where my other clunk was).
    I find a Go Pro camera or similar very useful to view suspension parts. If you have one or can borrow, give it a shot. BTW. Your stock upper and lower control arms will float, so don't let this mislead you that something is wrong.

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